Best 4 SMS Marketing Tools For Businesses Of All Sizes

Best 4 SMS Marketing Tools For Businesses Of All Sizes

Whilst email marketing is still regarded as one of the top ways to communicate with prospects and customers, the huge explosion in the use of mobile phones over the past 20 years, has brought another marketing channel to the fore. We are referring to SMS marketing, and given that people will read 9 out of 10 texts they receive within 3 minutes, it has become a hugely effective means of communicating and building relationships with prospects and customers.

We must point out from the start that what we are talking about here is not you or your marketing team sending SMS messages directly from your mobile phones but instead setting up a proper SMS marketing campaign and managing it through to the point where you can measure its effectiveness. To do so you will need SMS marketing software, and here we are going to highlight 4 of the best SMS marketing tools that are currently available.


This has a huge advantage over many of the other SMS tools available because you can use it for email marketing as well. Having both types of marketing managed on a single platform streamlines your operation and means that you can use its features to optimise both types of campaigns.

Some of Klaviyo’s most useful features include excellent deliverability of SMS messages, A/B testing, ROI tracking, segmentation of email and SMS subscribers and two-click personalisation of SMS messages. There is a free trial to get started and tiered pricing based on the number of individual email and SMS contacts you have on your subscriber list, and how many messages you plan to send each month.

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5 Ways SEO Can Benefit Your Holiday Resort Business

5 Ways SEO Can Benefit Your Holiday Resort Business

The holiday resort marketplace is an extremely competitive one, and therefore any holiday resort owner who wishes to boost their revenue, needs to use as many ways as they can to reach potential customers. The SEO experts at report that there is a huge opportunity to attract free, organic traffic from the search engines, but that can only occur if you have an effective SEO campaign planned, implemented, and working for you.

One of the misconceptions that some business owners have about SEO, is that the only benefit they derive from it is ranking higher up on search engine results, and whilst that is an obvious first consequence of great SEO, it is far from being the only benefit any business will see, and that includes those in the holiday resort sector. Here are 5 of those top benefits that SEO can bring to your holiday resort business.

Higher Rankings On Search Engines

We have to start with this benefit, not only because it is the most obvious one, but also because of its importance, and the fact that most of all the other benefits that low from it. You also need to understand that whilst being able to rank your website in the top positions for your most important keywords can take some time and requires some patience, once you achieve those high rankings, if you maintain great SEO, you should be able to retain them over a longer period of time.

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7 Best Tools For Online Market Research

7 Best Tools For Online Market Research

There is a saying that states, “It is not what you know, but who you know”, and we dare say that in certain specific circumstances that might be the case. However, in most walks of life, including business, it is surely your knowledge that is all-important. When we say knowledge we are talking about knowing what is popular with your target audience, knowing market trends, knowing what your competitors are up to, and knowing how your business is currently performing, for example.

In other words the more you know about your company, your performance, your market, your competitors, your prospective customers, and your current customers the more able you are to make decisions that are going to positively impact the level of success that your business will be able to achieve.

This might beg the question, “How do I gain all that knowledge?” and the answer is there is no one way. There are several, and that is a good thing, as it means you can learn about all the areas relating to your business we have already mentioned, from several different sources.

One such source is using market research tools that provide valuable insights and quality data relating to whichever market you wish to analyse. As for what market research tool you should consider, here are 7 of the best that many top marketing experts use.

Google Trends: Where better to start any kind of market research than the biggest search engine on the internet. With Google Trends, you can see visually which search term volumes are increasing and which are decreasing giving you an indication of popularity trends. This helps you avoid joining the tail-end of a dying market and instead get a head start within an expanding market.

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The Facebook Ads Resource List For Authors Writers

The Facebook Ads Resource List For Authors Writers

Author Facebook Ads Resource List

I’m not even going to pretend I know everything about Facebook ads, or that I am some master at them. I know enough to be dangerous (in both good and bad ways) but not enough, currently, to effectively do the things I want to do. I’m learning right along with you. I’ve spent hours searching and reading and asking. To those who are on my email list that very helpfully responded with suggestions for facebook ads resources to look into, I thank you.

That all said, others have shared with me resources, and I have come across some helpful resources in my search. To save you a little bit of time I putting that list together here. This is another page I hope to keep updated when new sites/resources come upon my radar.

Don’t forget my article on getting yourself a Facebook Pixel. You will want one before you start playing around in ads if possible.

Please note: At this time I can not personally vouche for any course. This resource list is here as a consolidated page to help you in your Facebook Ad journey by saving time. In the future I hope to be able to give feedback on courses I have gone through personally and will make note of that when I can.

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5 Essential SEO Actions To Ensure Google Boosts The Ranking Of Your Wills Lawyer Website

5 Essential SEO Actions To Ensure Google Boosts The Ranking Of Your Wills Lawyer Website

As a wills lawyer presumably you want your business to grow, and by that we mean that you are able to acquire new clients. There are many ways in which you could achieve that goal such as paid advertising, and one of the most tried and tested of them, personal recommendations. However, in this modern world you cannot ignore the influence the internet has on our lives, and so that must also be an avenue you use to find new clients.

We are going to make the assumption that you have a website, although if there are any wills lawyers reading this who do not, then we strongly advise you to get one. Why? Firstly, it is almost certain that all of your competitors have websites, and second, searching and researching online is how many people find a wills lawyer, especially when they are looking for one locally.

For those that do have websites, then the next question we must you is how well it ranks on Google? In other words, when someone uses a search term such as ‘wills lawyers near me’, does your website appear on the first page of results. If it doesn’t, then it is likely that the amount of traffic that search engines such as Google send you is minimal.

Consider this…the percentage of traffic that comes from the first page of Google from a single search is over 70%. in other words if 100 people key in the same search term, 70 of them will see the websites on page 1. The other 30 will be on pages 2 and so on. Even more eye opening is the fact that the websites in the top 3 positions on page 1 will accrue around 55% of all that traffic between them.

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Why Authors Need Facebook Pixel

Why Authors Need Facebook Pixel

You’ve probably heard it thrown around, whether just the term “Facebook Pixel” or perhaps others talking about Facebook Pixel for advertising. But how many authors actually have one installed on their site? The truth is many authors don’t and when you don’t you are missing out on a very crucial and FREE advertising benefit this piece of code gives you. Authors, you need to be using a Facebook Pixel as soon as you have a website set up, and I’m going to give you some of the cool reasons below.

A facebook pixel is a line of code you install into your website. The main Facebook Pixel is installed into your sites header area. This main code tracks any visitor to your site, any page of your site. From here you can create secondary event pixels that you install on your pages/posts to target specific page views, actions (clicking a button) or inactions (someone who went to a product page, but never clicked through to purchase). OR you can sometimes skip the second event pixel and instead create a custom conversion audience, or a website custom audience based off the actions of your visitors.

You can also set up ads that track conversions so that Facebook can better target who they show your ad too. Ever go to a website and look around, then go back over to facebook and suddenly see an ad from the same website? That is the Facebook Pixel at work. Facebook Pixel’s are powerful, and there is A LOT of ways to use it. What I talk about here just a bit of the basics of what you can do.

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Attract more customers online

Whether you have had a website for some time or you are just starting out, unless you put tactics in place to help people find your website, they won’t. Secondly, once they have found you, there’s a host of techniques you can use which will encourage people to inquire with you.

But, before we reveal how to turn your online activities into a lead generation tool, let’s start with your website.

Your website

The design, layout and content of your website is crucial. It’s well worth getting this right, before you invest any money directing people there.

You may have had your website designed recently and feel that you would rather see some return before you spend more, but trust us, you have to get it right. Plus, a lot of what we’ll recommend can be done with just an investment of time and won’t cost you a bean. Sounds good, right?

If customers don’t like what they see on your site, if the page loads too slow, has too much text, too few images or provides no customer projects or reviews – they will leave, never to return.

When people land on your website, it takes them 0.05 seconds to make a judgement about your site. That’s 1/10th of a second!

In a busy, attention demanding space they need to recognise what you do instantaneously, or they won’t stick around.

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5 Sure-Fire tactics to improve your website conversions

Unless you’re a Marketer, you may not have heard of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), but it’s actually a critical part of a successful marketing strategy and essential to maximise your opportunities for acquiring new customers.

In this article, we’ll start by explaining CRO and what it entails and as well as sharing with you our very best top 5 tips to improve your website conversions, which is essentially concerned with getting your website visitors to perform an action you want them to take, whether it’s signing up for a free trial, subscribing to a email newsletter or purchasing your wares. Of course, the ultimate goal is to convert website visitors into paying customers, so it’s pretty key stuff.


CRO is a structured and organised approach to improving the performance of your website and making the most of the traffic you already have on your website. It’s informed by insights, rather than hunches and it’s defined by your website’s objectives and KPI’s.


Your Total Conversions is number of people who performed the desired action (email newsletter, made a purchase etc).

Conversion Rate – divide the above total number of conversions by the number of visitors to your site.
For example, a site with 1000 visitors and 10 conversions has a conversion rate of 1%.


You may be doing rather well in getting new visitors to your website, whether through SEO, PPC or social media, or if you’re integrating your campaigns, a combination of all three. All this involved an investment in time and money and with paid advertising getting more costly and competitive, spending more is not always the answer to getting more enquiries. There may be problems in your conversion funnel and things can be tweaked and improved to get more enquires for the same or even less spend.

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Cross media campaigns

Cross-media marketing is also known as “multi-channel marketing” or “integrated marketing”. It could be a radio advert which alerts listeners to a new billboard campaign which in turn drives people to a landing page on their website or a Direct Mail pack which promotes a competition which is entered via a Facebook page.

It’s not about how many channels you use; it’s about using the right ones. An effective cross media campaign will use the most appropriate channels and more often than not, will include social media. Clear campaign goals, careful planning, a good database and creative flair are the essential requirements for effective cross channel campaigns.

We’ve seen some great uses of this type of marketing, especially around high profile events like the Olympics. To boost the sales of souvenirs, all around London and Olympic arenas were posters with a QR code printed on them so spectators could scan the codes to find the nearest shop.

The QR code landing pages were mobile-friendly and not only included maps and store locations, but also links to the London 2012 Olympics social media pages. The landing pages offered the viewer the ability to make a mobile purchase right from their mobile phone instead of visiting the store itself.

Even the Chelsea Flower Show had an entire garden based around a QR code and this year will display a code on each garden sign that links to a page with a host of digital information.

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Marketing start-ups and marketing product launches


If you’re building a start-up or new business, chances are that you’re channelling most of your time into developing a great product or service – and rightly so. However it’s crucial not to forget one very important task: marketing.

Start-ups sometimes fail to apply the same depth of thought to marketing their business as they do to production, sales and cash flow. Too often they believe wholly in the maxim, “build it, and they will come.” That by delivering a great product, everything will naturally fall into line.

Just don’t rely on it.

Entrepreneurs come from all fields and walks of life. They may be savvy professionals, craftspeople, engineers and advisors, but not everybody is equipped with marketing experience. Many don’t fully appreciate that executing a well-founded marketing plan is essential to any venture’s success. No matter how ingenious a product or service, nobody will find it unless they know it exists and understand the value. That’s why branding and marketing is synonymous with telling a story – the story of a company and what it can offer.

Quality “product launch branding” and marketing crosses barriers and speaks to everyone consistently and persuasively. The idea of “build it, they will come,” is now out of date. You have to create a fantastic product, identify consumers, and then spend time telling them about it. Brands that tell great stories keep people interested and turn consumers into advocates.

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