About Me

I’m Jenn and I am here to make your life easier.  Whether it be by making the graphic elements of your marketing strategy for an upcoming release or promotion or through help with new ideas and ways to market your book, I’m here for you.

You might be wondering what my background is to give me the knowledge I need to be that person for you. Here it is in a nutshell. Just over 4 years ago I  started book blogging and what a journey it has been. One filled with many new friends and a joy in getting to sit back and learn about the book world. The blog in question is http://backoffmybooks.com (now renamed and rebranded Uniquely Jenn). I have immersed myself into this world, taking my introverted nature of observation and letting it work for me. I’ve watched, listened, and asked questions from my author friends and fellow book bloggers.  I even had my final project for my B.A. be on the subject of digital piracy of ebooks.  You can see visually how I can help you by looking through my portfolio and you can catch glimpses of my knowledge base by looking through my Tips, Tutorial and Resources section.

I’ve also worked as a PA to authors for over a year now doing such services as:

  • Social media posting for FB/Instagram/Twitter
  • Pinterest creation / management
  • Newsletter creation / management
  • Google forms for sign ups, events, preorders
  • Sending emails
  • Release party help
  • Giveaway management
  • Graphics
  • Swag design help
  • Sounding board for how to help promote / market you
  • New Release schedule management for social media, Pinterest, newsletters, etc
  • filling out review request forms on blogs
  • MUSO management
  • Master list (for ARCs and promos) sign up/ management
  • And more. . .

I have a driven work ethic and a desire to help others and watch them succeed and I look forward to how I can help you.