7 WordPress Plugins To Expand The Versatility Of Your Web Design

There are many reasons why WordPress is used to create so many web designs. There is a massive choice of themes, there is the ease of use, it is free, and perhaps the number one reason, there is the option to add a multitude of features and additional functionality via the use of plugins.

Plugins are what take your WordPress web design from being an excellent web design and CMS platform to an extremely versatile asset for any business which wishes to maximise the effectiveness of its website. Plugins can be installed in seconds, most of them are relatively easy to use, most are free, some are free with paid upgrades, and they can transform the appeal of your website, not just for you, but more importantly, for your visitors.

Now, if we wrote another 1,000,000 words, we would still not come close to properly describing every WordPress plugin which is available (55,000 and counting) and some might reasonably argue the fact there are so many makes it more difficult to determine which plugins are worth installing. Instead, we are going to focus on 7 of the top plugins which all add versatility to your website.

Yoast SEO – To Help Boost Your Rankings On Google

This is one of the most popular plugins of any kind and provides website owners who find SEO daunting a simple and easy way to boost their onsite SEO. Yoast analyses every page and every piece of content and then highlights how it should be optimised for better rankings on Google.

Monster Insights – To Improve Your Analysis Of Google Analytics

When you know exactly how Google views your website, whether it be good or bad, you know what you need to do to improve it for better rankings. The data is provided in Google Analytics, but by installing the Monster Insights plugin you have an interface with that same data, which is easier to follow, in real-time, and it provides A/B testing opportunities.

RafflePress – To Create Giveaways To Boost Your Email Subscriber Numbers

People love competitions and the thought of winning something for nothing, and RafflePress gives them that. In return, they provide their email address, so you are building your subscriber list in a way that is more enjoyable for your website visitors than simply receiving a free download.

AppPresser – To Create A Mobile App From Your Website

Mobile internet use continues to rise and if you are not taking advantage of that fact, you need to start now. AppPresser uses the content which is on your website and turns it into a fully functioning mobile app allowing you to target those who only go online via their mobile devices.

PeepSo – To Create A Community With Your Own Social Network

Social media has become a phenomenon, and love it or hate it, the social aspect of them is something you should tap into. With PeepSo, you can create your own social network with features like shares and messaging. Whilst it is unlikely to come close to challenging Facebook or Instagram, it can at least help you build an online community of people who love your website.

Gravity Forms – To Create Forms For Any Use Including Lead Capture

There are countless reasons why businesses need forms on their website, including lead capture, contact forms,  appointment requests, quotation requests and so on. With Gravity Forms, you can create your own customised and branded forms and it can be integrated with email systems so that those who complete forms receive an acknowledgement immediately.

Pure Chat – To Boost User Experience And Customer Service With Live Chat

It is assumed that every chat system has a person on the other end typing answers but that is not always the case. With Pure Chat, you can set up automated responses to the most common questions which can help visitors. However, you can also have it set so that a VA or an employee responds to the chat in real-time too. Either way, it improves the visitor’s experience of using your website.