Author Facebook Ads Resource List

Authors Facebook ads resource list

I’m not even going to pretend I know everything about Facebook ads, or that I am some master at them. I know enough to be dangerous (in both good and bad ways) but not enough, currently, to effectively do the things I want to do. I’m learning right along with you.  I’ve spent hours searching and reading and asking. To those who are on my email list that very helpfully responded with suggestions for facebook ads resources to look into, I thank you.

That all said, others have shared with me resources, and I have come across some helpful resources in my search. To save you a little bit of time I’m putting that list together here. This is another page I hope to keep updated when new sites/resources come upon my radar.

Don’t forget my article on getting yourself a Facebook Pixel.  You will want one before you start playing around in ads if possible.

Please note: At this time I can not personally vouch for any course. This resource list is here as a consolidated page to help you in your Facebook Ad journey by saving time.  In the future, I hope to be able to give feedback on courses I have gone through personally and will make note of that when I can.


Sometimes we just want some articles on Facebook ads we can read for free to give us a leg up in knowledge in this FUN game of ads.

Jon Loomer – I first found Jon’s site when I was figuring out graphic sizing for social media. He gives great info on so much more than that AND he does quick (like takes 1-2 minutes) video how-to tutorials for doing certain facebook ad features.

Neil Patel – Neil’s site is dedicated to the idea of driving traffic to your site, so a lot of stuff regarding SEO and other things (all amazing to read up on too!) but he does have some good in-depth articles also on social media ads.  My only complaint is some of the images are of things that don’t seem to relate which throws me a bit.

Adspresso Blog – A great resource with posts that have templates and examples of ads that work.

Claire Pells Blog – Claire has a focus on ads geared towards courses but she was another site I was recommended by others in a group. She has some informative articles though on her blog that I think are worth looking through, such as her one on what you need to know about Facebook’s Boost Post feature.

Rick Mulready – A great blog full of information on Facebook Ads and he appears to also have a course but it is currently closed.


Courses are a great way, if done well, to have someone guide you along the Facebook ad journey.  I have taken courses for other topics and find them great, especially if paired with a Facebook group for asking questions.

Facebook BluePrint – This is Facebooks very own free eCourse to teach you all about using Facebook’s tools for marketing your business.  Select a goal and they will suggest the best course for you. AND IT’S FREE.

Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors – Geared specifically towards authors, Mark Dawson is an accomplished self-published author who took what he learned to achieve his success and created courses to help others.

Andrew Hubbard’s Amplified AdsThis course is the one that was recommended to me. I’m on the waitlist so I can learn more, but I hear it is robust and he talks in easy to understand terms. UPDATE: I asked Andrew directly if his course would be good for those working with fiction books, he stated it is geared more towards people selling courses, services and consulting and while it would have parts that are beneficial it is not geared that way and would probably not be the right course for me. A+ for honesty from him 🙂

Rick Mulready’s The FB AdVantage – Currently closed and I do not know when it will open again. I wasn’t recommended this course but found it and the part that has me intrigued is Andrew Hubbard from above is actually a former student of Rick’s, so I will be keeping my eyes out to see what this course has to offer.

CKSyme  FREE geared towards authors courses on finding and targeting your audience on social media.

Reedsy Facebook Ads for Authors – A FREE 10 day email course put on by Reedsy.  It claims it will help you with a basic understanding, identifying your target audience and testing and scaling your ads with just $5 a day.

FB Brilliance – This course by Beth Ann Schwamberger was another recommended to me and while again not geared towards authors it looks like it is pretty jam packed with goodies and one to definietly keep your eye on for when it comes open.

Claire Pells – Claire Pells also offers some Facebook Ad courses and while she is geared more towards people who sell courses the info page for the course is very tempting for me because she hits on a lot of things that people generally have issues with when it comes to trying to do your own ads.


Some articles to check out geared towards authors on the topic of Facebook ads, promotions and marketing.

Jane Freidman – “Thinking of Running a Facebook Ad? Proceed with Caution” Article by Martha Conway about some issues she had and suggestions she has for others when running an ad.

Chris Syme “”“Why I Am Cutting Back On Facebook Ads” A recent article with lots to think about on Facebook Ad strategy for the coming year.

BookBub“How I Launched a Bestselling Book with a Free Promotion” Article by Julie Barnard on BookBub Blog. Not focused on just Facebook Ads but a good read on using them in conjunction with other avenues and what she did with testing.

The Creative Penn “How To Hit The USA Today Bestseller List As A Single Author With Ad Stacking” Again, another article that isn’t solely talking about Facebook Ads but talks about the use of multiple outlets to during a promotion period to sell books.


Did you know you can look and see what Facebook thinks your interests are?  This is the information Facebook use when targeting ads to people and it is a good way to get figure out what you might be targeting to when you think of your target audient.

Your Ad Prefrences

Additionally, you can check to see ahead of time how Facebook will view the text in your image by using their text overlay tool.

Facebook Text Overlay Tool

If you have come upon some great Facebook Ad resources or courses please comment below with them. I would love to keep this resource list current with top recommendations.