Virtual window shopping for groceries shows mobile innovation

Online supermarket Ocado has tried an innovative pop-up shop approach to raise awareness of the ease of use of their mobile shopping application. Installing a temporary display in a London shopping centre containing pictures and barcodes of products, Ocado hopes to show shoppers the ease of using their mobile to shop for groceries.

Ocado’s mission statement is: To revolutionise the way people shop forever, by giving them a uniquely innovative and greener alternative to traditional grocery shopping.

Ocado is the only dedicated online supermarket in the UK and the largest dedicated online supermarket by turnover in the world.

Launching the world’s first transactional iPhone app for supermarket shopping in 2009, Ocado have already proven to be innovators in this space.

The mobile shopping experience is already used by 15% of Ocado’s customers – the temporary pop-up shop should introduce the concept to yet more customers.

Check out the video on the innovative popup shop.

Hopefully the big Australian grocery stores will be watching Ocado as an example of innovating in the online and mobile space.