Business Cards. A great start to any meeting


Business cards… a relic of those Mad Men rolladex days, or still a vital part of the marketing and professional arsenal. As a creative agency, we’re obviously biased in their favour, but on what grounds? Surely a Twitter or SNAP ID does all the introductions you need?

By the first introduction, your meeting partner may have scanned your Tweets, eyed-up your LinkedIn, nosed around Facebook, and peered into your Pinterests. So how does the business card improve your standing?

Everybody likes a gift Business cards are the perfect way to open a meeting. Like an exchange of gifts and a mark of mutual respect. They provide a point of reflection, to take in the credibility of the person in front of you. A business card says who you are. How far you’ve come. Junior or senior, manager or director. In our opinion it’s still an important, personal statement.

Their design should reflect the quality, personality and aspirations of your brand. Modern edgy or zany, or reserved and serious, the card says a lot about who you represent. And unfortunately, so do cheap, badly printed, poorly designed cards!

Calico has designed and printed 100os of business cards for all types of companies.

Business cards printing

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