Newsletter Content Ideas to..

Newsletter Content Ideas to Keep Your Newsletters Interesting

  Newsletter content ideas to keep your newsletter interesting The last tip post I did with regards to newsletter content was on 5 specific content ideas for your newsletters that would keep your subscribers wanting to open your emails.  However, I realize those ideas can only be used so much and don’t always comprise a […]

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How to Write a 3 Email Welc..

How to Write a 3 Email Welcome Series for Authors

First and for most, this will take setting up an automation.  Mailchimp now lets everyone, even forever free plans, have automations!!  I’m so excited and can’t wait to set up my own welcome series now (cause low over head baby means I’m on forever free for as long as I can be). I hope to type up […]

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How To Keep Subscribers Ope..

How To Keep Subscribers Opening Your Newsletters

So you have the mailing list set up with a list management company, you’ve worked hard to grow the list getting subscribers through opt-in freebies, giveaways, etc. You’ve set up groups and automations, welcome messages to introduce yourself and prepare them for what you have to offer monthly.  Now what do you put into your newsletter […]

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Resources – Where to ..

Resources – Where to Buy Book Swag

Wondering where to buy book swag for events?  This is a common question I see polled on Facebook so I’ve asked around for you to try and cultivate a list to save you hopefully some time. Swag items from events can be great marketing tools.  I carry around my Jewel E Ann bag because it is the […]

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Tips on Rocking Your Newsle..

Tips on Rocking Your Newsletter with MailChimp – How to create groups in Mailchimp

I love Mailchimp and have used it for quite some time. Additionally I am sorry but I can’t compare it to any other list management services out there because it is the only one I use because it does everything I need. Now my love for it came from years of playing with it, and […]

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Mailchimp Features that can..

Mailchimp Features that can Help Authors with Their Mailing List

I’m going to hit you with a lot of details that might seem overwhelming. Read it through once, save and come back then later maybe tonight and read it again so that you give it time to set in.  ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE IN THE COMMENTS Mailchimp can be a valuable asset for […]

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Why Authors Need Newsletter..

Why Authors Need Newsletter Subscribers & Tips for Growing your Subscriber List

Why is a newsletter list so important?  Because you own it.  Most social media sites put you at their mercy for what their algorithm decided to show your followers and who sees it is usually a small small percentage. You have no control over how many people actually see it unless you are willing to fork […]

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The Importance of Graphics ..

The Importance of Graphics for the Marketing of your Book & Tips on Making Your Own

These are just tips I feel work, they are not the hard and fast rule by any means.  Use them to help guide you and also follow your instincts too. Often I find that graphical marketing of a book seems to stop at the cover for many authors. They invest the time and money into […]

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5 Tips for Authors on Worki..

5 Tips for Authors on Working with Book Bloggers

One of the huge resources that has helped the self-published author in the years past is of course the book bloggers. Book bloggers are as varied and diverse as can be imagined. Some have made a business out of reviewing and promoting books, but the vast majority do it for free whether as a hobby, because […]

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